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Bert and Dusselh Hazelton
Photo of Bert and wife Dusselh
Bert and Dusselh

Bert married Virginia Ann Badger (Ginny) and they had four children. Ginny passed away January 28, 1995.

Bert and Ginny's four children

Bert was born to Clarence and Bertha (Irwin) Offer November 30, 1923.

His birth name was Clarence Winfield Offer Jr. He was adopted by his paternal aunt and uncle, Fredrick and Elsie (Offer) Hazleton, and renamed Bert L. Hazelton. She was the sister of his biological father. His biological father, Clarence, became his favorite uncle. Bert did not find out he was adopted until his adoptive father's will was read.

Bert's Parents
Fredrick and Elsie Hazelton
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Clarence Winfield Offer Sr.
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In 1996 Bert married Dusselh

Dusselh's niece, Berenice, is the daughter of her brother from Mexico. She came to live with them several years ago, and has been like a daughter to them. Dusselh asked for her, and her brother sent Berenice to her when she was 14. She has lived with them ever since.

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